Cooling stands/fans

Putting the call out for suggestions – I need a new cooling stand for my laptop. The one I have currently (which has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would considering how little I paid for it) is starting to bite the bullet and making WAY too much noise for my liking.

Must have a fan. My laptop does a pretty darn good job alone, but in extended gaming sessions, extra cooling never hurts anything – especially in the land of no air-conditioners. Doesn’t really matter if it has a tilt to it, as the laptop itself is designed that way. Needs to be able to adequately support this beast that I haul around even though it’s probably too large to really be called a *laptop* (17.3″ display).

Preferably will not require an additional power source (USB connection is nice) – but if there’s a reasonably priced, super quiet one that works otherwise, I’m all for it.

Need to be able to purchase in (or ship to) Canada!

Feel free to email me with any links. 🙂


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