Beta feedback/Sexism in WoW

Because my response to this whole thing can’t be contained in a twitter post. And because I don’t feel like dealing with the ridiculous number of tools on the MMO Champ thread, or even on the official forum thread, by posting there.

Honestly – I don’t see where some people get off on thinking that their opinions are the only ones that matter. And I don’t mean that in the sense of *some* of the posters on the aforementioned threads, don’t get me wrong.

What I am disagreeing with is the people who think that legitimate feedback has no place in a feedback forum.

I just don’t get it. Whatever happened to the idea of folks having an opinion/brain/etc? Whatever happened to that being a GOOD THING, rather than something to be ridiculed, mocked, etc?

Do I necessarily have the same offended / creeped out reaction to the quest text in question? No. But that doesn’t mean I can’t respect THEIR feelings on the issue. That doesn’t mean I can’t respect their ability to give FEEDBACK on the issue. In a forum designed for FEEDBACK on a freaking BETA of a game, to ensure that the game – when released – is released to its full potential.

I can’t help but feel like the people who are knee-jerk reacting to the post are the people out there who don’t understand social boundaries. Like they would be the guy that thinks grabbing my ass in a bar is *cool* and not warranting a slap in the damn face. (Sorry, I can’t think of an adequate female equivalent example – flirting with a guy to get him to buy drinks for her all night and then laughing and calling him stupid as she walks away?)

Yes, please feel free to weigh in and say “you know, I didn’t get that same feeling from the quest. Interesting to see other points of view, glad you brought it up!” —- because yes, balanced feedback is great when working on a beta! There is ZERO need for people to butt in to the thread and name-call, insult, otherwise-act-like-jerks. The only thing accomplished by that is to show people that you think offending people is your damn personal right, because YOU think they should feel differently about something you said or did.

Well, I’m one of the many here to tell you: No it’s bloody well not. The world isn’t here to bow to your every whim. Man, woman, ANYONE – we’re all people. People who have the right to an opinion, and to not be told to “remove a stick”, or “get laid”, or any other such completely non-constructive and downright ignorant responses (if you can even dignify them with the word ‘response’) that you can come up with.

If you don’t agree with something, and feel like stating your opinion, go for it. But doing so doesn’t have to belittle the feelings or opinions of someone else.

Because an opinion is something I can respect. Idiocy, however, I have zero tolerance for.

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