When sexism ruins a game

I’ve got a fairly high tolerance for joking, don’t get me wrong.

The guys I game with can make silly little jokes and I’m not offended. I get a laugh about my gloves looking like oven mitts, and relation to my baking, etc – I find it funny too. I’m not someone that has to be tippy-toed around, I *like* the banter. I can give it right back, because it’s well-intentioned and not cruel. But sometimes a boundary gets pushed and I can’t take it anymore.

I wrote yesterday about something that had been bothering me (Random Guild Ramblings). And it only got worse last night.

As we’re trying for a tough kill (to get our Eternal titles), of course we run in to some wipes. At one point, said guildie made a comment along the lines of “of course we wiped, we have a woman.” Now, that wasn’t the extent of the comment – he also included Canadians and whatnot in there. Which made it even worse, IMO, because instead of me being a *Canadian*, I don’t even count as receiving that label. Oh no. I’m just a woman.

And I’m tired of it, I really am. I’m pretty sure that it’s because it comes across as a general demeanor for this guy, rather than the same “all in good fun” that I see from my guy friends. It has a bad, derogatory vibe that makes me uncomfortable and upset.

It makes me feel like I should just quit raiding. I know that shit isn’t going to stop, and I really don’t want to listen to it anymore. And that makes me sad, because I really enjoy helping with the guild – and the rest of the guys are awesome and actually treat me like a human being. I’m no less of a person because I’m a woman to most of them, but that one bad egg can basically ruin an entire gaming experience.

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