Random guild ramblings

Being part of guild management isn’t always easy. It’s not always easy being the only female officer — or heck, the only “serious” female currently raiding with us. As much as I ensure that there is no vile-spewed sexist remarks, I know it’s still there. One of my guildies even stated just the other day, with me right there in mumble, that women just don’t play DPS.

He asked the question of the other guys in chat: “Seriously, name a girl dps.”

As I’m sitting there, waving my hand, another answered – “uh, Avi” (THANK YOU, S!)

Talk about feeling marginalized. Not that the sexist commenter didn’t acknowledge that I could play my class (which, yes, I can), he actually didn’t even acknowledge me as a dps player. He dismissed S’ answer and called me a “support role”.

Now, I realize my Sage is multi-functional. She can toss a heal if needed, she can bubble someone so they don’t get destroyed by a lightning ball in the Soa fight, she can even battle rez so that a healer doesn’t have to switch focus.

But she’s still DPS. She has two possible specs – heals and dps. Neither of those options includes the word “support”. She may be a hybrid, but you still pick one of two specialties.

I can’t even begin to voice how pissed off that comment made me. Especially when, sadly, I’m pretty sure that’s not how he meant it. He was actually just ignorant enough to think that such a thing wouldn’t bother me. I mean, he actually likes having me in raid (I think), so I can’t be all bad. The validation I get for my toon knowing people WANT her in raid is awesome.

But still. I am in there doing my damn ass BEST to get that boss killed, just like the other four/five dps in the raid with me.

Don’t be afraid to admit that I’m doing the same job as you, just because I’m a woman. Because it’s not cool.

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