Direction and what it means

Making decisions that affect an entire guild can be interesting.

The other night, as me and our GM were watching the live stream of the Team Squishy raid, we were discussing the direction of our guild.

Initially, TS was intended to be a 16m raiding guild. That’s what we were headed for when Star Wars launched. Unfortunately, the server we were placed on ended up being fairly low population, AND we’re also Republic. Talk about compounding the problem.

So, at this point in the game, and looking towards 1.2, I started to realize that my recruitment spam was getting nowhere. We have core people who are *really* good, some folks who are good people but not so great gamers, and we still didn’t even have a full 16m raid. Which meant we had to think about stuff.

We ended up having a meeting with those core folks that would end up on the front lines of our raid team. And thankfully came to a general consensus.

So we’re moving forward as an 8m progression guild. Which is where most of us wanted to be anyway. We like the server firsts, we like getting shit done. Now, of course, those other good people aren’t going anywhere (unless they choose to, of course), but progression will be our main focus and there will be folks who have preferential raid spots. And we needed this. We were balanced somewhere between including everyone all the time with the aim of doing 16s, and killing bosses, so it ended up that NO one was truly happy.

Now we have a goal. We have direction. And it’s given our guild a real purpose. We can work towards not just being the top Republic guild, but the top guild period – even with our limited raid schedule. And that’s exciting. 🙂

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